We Need That! is a directory of recyclable consumer items, such as crisp packets, milk bottle tops and biscuit wrappers, that are collected by individuals and organisations that can make money for charity by exchanging these recyclable items for funds.

Decluttering? We Need That! is a directory of larger items that may not be able to be exchanged for charitable funds, but can be moved on to businesses and individuals who are able to either redistribute or reuse them – if you’re decluttering your home, this is your place to start!

To be Included in Our Directories

If you are an individual collecting recyclable items for charity or represent an organisation that is collecting items or requires something specific, please let us know – we can add you to the directory and let our donors know what you need. You can either contact us and we can help you further, or you can download our List of Needs and Collector Registration form and return them to us as directed.