Although we are always happy to hear from people who would be interested in volunteering with Win on Waste, we also occasionally have specific volunteer vacancies that we would like to fill.

We currently have the following volunteer vacancies:

Win on Waste Treasurer

Win on Waste is currently seeking a new volunteer Treasurer to serve on the charity’s board.

For further information about what the role entails, and the skills we’re looking for, please see the Treasurer Job Description.

Transport Volunteer – Christchurch

Win on Waste is currently seeking a volunteer to assist with transporting collected waste from our session in Christchurch to our storage unit in Poole.

For more information, take a look at our role description, or contact us for more information.

Session Volunteers

We are currently looking for volunteers in all of our session areas. Duties are varied, but all focused on collecting, sorting and weighing collected recyclable waste, and answering donor queries about waste and recycling.

View the role description for more information on the specifics and the time commitment required.

Read more about the project on the link above, or contact us for more information.