Dorset-based waste and recycling charity Win on Waste is looking forward to brining one of its waste collection sessions back to The Spire in Poole High Street.

Moira Ledger, Win on Waste Ambassador

Taking place on Saturday 21st October, 10.30-11.30, this session will welcome local people to bring along a range of hard-to-recycle items – such as Pringles Tube, Dental waste and corks – and these will be diverted to raise funds for local and national charities.

Win on Waste’s Business Manager, Stacey Woods, said ‘We’re thrilled to be able to relaunch this – our 10th session – at The Spire. This is especially meaningful for us as we are celebrating our 10th birthday as a charity this month’.

She continued ‘As a small charity, almost all of our work is carried out by local volunteers and we appreciate their efforts in getting another session underway. We will need a strong team of volunteers to continue running this session at The Spire, so would love to hear from people who might have a few hours each month to give back to their community and the local environment’.

Win on Waste acts for the protection and preservation of the environment by encouraging and empowering local people to learn about the origins of their household waste and how to reduce their impact on the planet.

We advance the education of the public about all aspects of waste generation and recycling by highlighting waste reduction and recycling initiatives and, where household waste cannot be avoided, we help by redirecting common waste items towards charities and organisations that can use them for their own projects or fundraising.

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